Naked Laura plays with her wet twat

September 14th, 2016 by J

Horny Laura Prepon masturbating in the nude

Laura Prepon was a feisty young chick and a very wild one at that. Never mind how she was brought up, in a household where she’s got strict guides on every corner, being the youngest in the brood. She still has her nasty side and it shows in this leaked masturbation video from few years back. Displaying her fine round tits while spreading those legs on a chair, she uses her toys to give herself pleasure.

Laura Prepon enjoying hardcore fisting

April 20th, 2016 by J

The youngest of five children, Laura Prepon pretty much got most of whatever she wanted as a kid but not entirely a brat. She was a good girl and this got even better as she became the gorgeous and independent adult that she is now. She still gets what she wants and how much she wants them. She can pretty much just rub anyone’s lamp and get those wishes granted in an instant. Just like in this video, she got pleasured in both her holes at the same time by hardcore fisting.

Sexy ass Laura Prepon enjoys fisting

She was only hoping for some quick fuck in the ass with her massive black dildo but her lover has a better idea, which brought her to a much more high. Watch her bend over and get those fists up her ass and wet twat. Looks painful as fuck but she’s clearly enjoying the whole thing. She says it’s like rewarding herself and getting a bonus prize. Prepon has the nicest round ass, I know you’re enjoying that chunky meat, eh? Also, can’t miss those markings on the thighs that make you want to be there, giving her the fist enema and making her squirm like a worm.

Laura gets fucked, period.

February 3rd, 2010 by LimaBean

It’s time again to thank those dab hands over at the airbrushing department for churning out celebrity fake photos for every male fan’s late-night wrist flicking sessions (and you can be damn well sure we’re not talking about playing World of Warcraft here, so nerds please gtfo). If they weren’t there to meticulously graft celebrities’ heads on to bodies engaging in far busier activities than just waddling on the red carpet and looking sparkly, we would be left with nothing but stupid nipslips that only people involved in the paparazzi jack off to.

Anyway, here’s Laura Prepon‘s, er, head, sharing the fun with a couple of guys’ dicks pushed inside her asshole and pussy. If only that was actually Laura Prepon, then we would’ve seen her actual O-face; I’m sure she would’ve been all screaming and tugging at those cocks in ecstasy, and her two love holes swallowing dick so deep the two guys’ cum might’ve actually spilled right off her mouth… er, that’s straying a little from the perfect fantasy and into faintly morbid hentai, but you get the point.

The second picture is actually a godsend for me personally, because I’ve always, and I mean ALWAYS pictured Laura Prepon and Mila Kunis doing it to each other. Who’d have thought it would be theoretically super hot to see them? My slight complaint about the picture is that Laura should be playing bottom; everyone knows Mila is one dominating sex minx. But you can’t really complain about small shit like that when the girls are already fucking a la lesbos for you, huh? Anyway, for far better pictures of Laura Prepon getting fucked and jizzed with cum, you should click through.

Laura gets fucked in Lightning Bug

February 3rd, 2010 by LimaBean

Although you could probably fit Laura Prepon‘s acting portfolio through the slit of a door, you can tell she’s wasting no time flinging off her clothes in front of a rolling camera. You’ve probably already seen too much of her cleavage in That 70’s Show, which is fine, but she’s also done more than wear plunging necklines in her career.

In a little known film entitled Lightning Bug, you can see Laura in an intimate, but still hot fuck scene with co-actor Bret Harisson. Even the much-enlightening plot summary fails to piece together the movie’s awful-sounding story (no surprise, considering it’s the directorial debut of some prosthetics make-up artist, wtf), but you have to compliment the guy behind the movie for giving Laura’s tits a chance to shine. And if you want to play by your fantasies, the movie has Laura playing a goth, independent chick doing the cashier at a video rental store. The hot fuck scene shows Laura’s character taking the lead as she undresses in front of the guy, who apparently is a virgin, and gets him to fuck her. Wouldn’t it be just grand if Laura acted like that in real life? Fuck, I’ll pitch a tent in Laura’s yard and wait for her pussy to itch. I’ll be the first guy she grabs by the shirt and we’ll fuck right on the grass.

If these screens of Laura Prepon fucking in Lightning Bug ain’t making you fantasize to drool and blank gaze-inducing level, then you ain’t seen enough. Head over to the link to see the entire clip from the movie and put your head in the clouds.

Laura plays the virgin card, fails

February 3rd, 2010 by LimaBean

Laura Prepon makes up fifty percent of sexy in That 70’s Show, the other half carried by Mila Kunis. Together, the two can draw in male viewer ratings that go through the roof, but Laura can still heat up the place singlehandedly. With her role as Donna, she personified the Girl Next Door, sort of a Mary Jane Watson for Peter Parker or Archie’s Betty Cooper. Who knew though that Laura is capable of wading beyond her limits? She’s hot enough as it is, but you won’t believe how alarmingly fiery—forest fire scary—she can be when she goes naked.

Check Laura out in this first photo. Obviously inspired by the biblical first virgin, Eve, Laura takes it all off to show us how untouched her breasts and pussy are. Who wouldn’t want to pluck that apple and take a bite out of it, huh? I’m as much ready to commit the first adulterous sin as I am ready to blow my load just seeing Laura’s nearly hairless vagina. Anyway Laura, despite the suggested imagery, everyone knows you’re far from being a virgin; you probably have your loose clit tucked behind your strategically clamped legs. Either way is fine, but personally, I’d really rather have the pros at fucking, because they know us guys like it when they make some noise.

The second picture has Laura caught in a more comfortable position. She shed her ginger locks to favor her naturally blonde roots. She also sheds her demure front to favor her naturally horny, pussy-spreading roots, if you’d care to notice. A pose like that clearly wants a cock drilling her pussy raw.

So that’s two sides of a naked Laura Prepon we’ve seen today. Which would you rather fuck, virgin-acting slut Laura or pussy-in-your-face slut Laura? Who the hell cares, right? I’d fuck both of them, and spill cum over the rest of Laura Prepon’s slutty naked pictures. It’s fuckin’ pussy, who makes a choice about that?