Laura Prepon Nude

If you’re into girl next door-slash-tomboyishly gorgeous chicks from the seventies (okay, that’s pushing it a little too far), who else would you pick to fit that role but Laura Prepon? I’m actually just saying this because she’s already done that role, which every TV fan knows is from That 70’s Show. But still, wouldn’t you agree that Laura fits the bill perfectly? Any beauty like that can’t be pigeonholed into a single adjective; in real life, Laura is far hotter than what she portrays, and while her acting career is yet to pick up on her potential hotness, we’re all waiting for the reps to finally take notice and take full advantage of her.

Laura Prepon hasn’t got much to boast in the way of her acting portfolio, but she is most well-known for playing the aforesaid character, Donna Pinciotti, on the fox TV series That 70’s Show. She displayed her comedic chops on the series starting 1998, until finally ending the series in 2006. The show gave her the initial media attention needed to jumpstart her career; Laura’s natural beauty led her goods to be splashed on the cover of Maxim in 2004.

Laura is perfectly okay starting out with minor movie roles, believing they’re good for building up on a career, which is why she’s only been seen filling in either small roles or small movies, such as Lightning Bug (2005), Karla (2006), and the short film Once Upon a Time (2007). Laura eventually returned to acting on TV with the ABC show October Road, starring as the lead character’s ex-girlfriend. The show earned high viewer ratings, but despite the plea of millions of fans, the show was canceled after just two seasons. At the moment, Laura is living beyond the camera, but with a beauty such as hers, I wouldn’t be surprised if her career propels her to greater and greater opportunities.

Coincidentally so, Laura Prepon Nude suggests a most open opportunity for Laura Prepon, which is to start flinging off her clothes more often for her male fans. It’ll give her fame time a huge jolt, no doubt. But other than that, it’ll give us guys a chance to have more access to Laura naked. You’d be convinced too if you just scrolled through these fine samplings we have of Laura Prepon in the buff.