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Laura gets fucked, period.

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

It’s time again to thank those dab hands over at the airbrushing department for churning out celebrity fake photos for every male fan’s late-night wrist flicking sessions (and you can be damn well sure we’re not talking about playing World of Warcraft here, so nerds please gtfo). If they weren’t there to meticulously graft celebrities’ heads on to bodies engaging in far busier activities than just waddling on the red carpet and looking sparkly, we would be left with nothing but stupid nipslips that only people involved in the paparazzi jack off to.

Anyway, here’s Laura Prepon‘s, er, head, sharing the fun with a couple of guys’ dicks pushed inside her asshole and pussy. If only that was actually Laura Prepon, then we would’ve seen her actual O-face; I’m sure she would’ve been all screaming and tugging at those cocks in ecstasy, and her two love holes swallowing dick so deep the two guys’ cum might’ve actually spilled right off her mouth… er, that’s straying a little from the perfect fantasy and into faintly morbid hentai, but you get the point.

The second picture is actually a godsend for me personally, because I’ve always, and I mean ALWAYS pictured Laura Prepon and Mila Kunis doing it to each other. Who’d have thought it would be theoretically super hot to see them? My slight complaint about the picture is that Laura should be playing bottom; everyone knows Mila is one dominating sex minx. But you can’t really complain about small shit like that when the girls are already fucking a la lesbos for you, huh? Anyway, for far better pictures of Laura Prepon getting fucked and jizzed with cum, you should click through.