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Laura plays the virgin card, fails

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Laura Prepon makes up fifty percent of sexy in That 70’s Show, the other half carried by Mila Kunis. Together, the two can draw in male viewer ratings that go through the roof, but Laura can still heat up the place singlehandedly. With her role as Donna, she personified the Girl Next Door, sort of a Mary Jane Watson for Peter Parker or Archie’s Betty Cooper. Who knew though that Laura is capable of wading beyond her limits? She’s hot enough as it is, but you won’t believe how alarmingly fiery—forest fire scary—she can be when she goes naked.

Check Laura out in this first photo. Obviously inspired by the biblical first virgin, Eve, Laura takes it all off to show us how untouched her breasts and pussy are. Who wouldn’t want to pluck that apple and take a bite out of it, huh? I’m as much ready to commit the first adulterous sin as I am ready to blow my load just seeing Laura’s nearly hairless vagina. Anyway Laura, despite the suggested imagery, everyone knows you’re far from being a virgin; you probably have your loose clit tucked behind your strategically clamped legs. Either way is fine, but personally, I’d really rather have the pros at fucking, because they know us guys like it when they make some noise.

The second picture has Laura caught in a more comfortable position. She shed her ginger locks to favor her naturally blonde roots. She also sheds her demure front to favor her naturally horny, pussy-spreading roots, if you’d care to notice. A pose like that clearly wants a cock drilling her pussy raw.

So that’s two sides of a naked Laura Prepon we’ve seen today. Which would you rather fuck, virgin-acting slut Laura or pussy-in-your-face slut Laura? Who the hell cares, right? I’d fuck both of them, and spill cum over the rest of Laura Prepon’s slutty naked pictures. It’s fuckin’ pussy, who makes a choice about that?